Who Is Move Halal Store?

Halal Store Near Me!

Thats us, 

We have a big variety of local and imported spices , herbs, oils, coffee and tea. 

Top brands of fresh hummus, baba ghanouj, harissa, tahini, ajvars, and dolma are always in stock.

Our baklava is fresh and locally made from high quality ingredients. 

In our meat department you can find fresh halal veal, lamb, beef, and chicken. Beef and lamb liver. kidneys, tongues and ox tails are also available. 

The bread section has a wide selection of pita bread, Sangak, Lavash, Afghani and flat bread is available every day. Imported chocolate such as Mars, Lion bar, kinder, and much more are on the shelves.

Handcrafted halal food that instantly brighten up your day. 

Mediterranean Cuisine

Food from Middle Eastern Arab Countries: Yemen, Palestine, Syria, Jordan

Serve: Halal meat, Hummus, shawarma wraps, Mandi Plates and many more dishes.

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