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Ziyad Cinnamon Sticks, 3 oz aromatic cinnamon sticks condiment for cooking
We provide Fresh Pita Bread daily from the Local Middle Eastern Bakery. Diffrent Sizes and Types. Quantity: Each package includes 5 pieces of bread.
This yeast is dry, free-flowing granules that can easily be blended with other dry ingredients during mixing. (Note: This Product Description Is Informational Only. Always...
Baraka Roasted And Salted Watermelon Seeds زعقه/فصفص Net Wt. 12.3 
Vegetable, Chicken, and Hot & Spicy Indomie
Ghawazi Tuna Yemen Fresh Yellow Fin Tuna  Mukalla .. REP of Yemen
Black & White sweetened condensed milk 14 oz  This tin contains pure cow's milk, reduced to a creamy consistency by evaporation and nothing has been...
Sharawi Mastic Chewing Gum: Strong and long lastingNo colors or preservatives added
This is a yemeni tea special.  Al kabous Tea Al Kbous Tea
Almomtaz evaporated milk   ALMOMTAZ Evaporated Filled Milk Unsweetened  13oz/385ml حليب الممتاز مبخر غير محلى افضل صديق للشاي   Full Cream Evaporated Milk Best Match...
Maamoul Halawani Bros Made with Premium Saudi Dates, 12 Pieces, 16.9oz (480g) We have multiple kinds let us know in the notes in check out...
Ready-to-eat fava beansCombination of different flavors and and californian premium fava beansDifferent recipes are availableGood source of vitamins, Calcium, Iron, Protein and fibers450 G
Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour 2.0lb. Bag.
Bebeto Halal Marshmallows Bebeto Halal Marshmallows
$1.50 $2.00
Fat-free Bebeto pink and white halal marshmellows Bebeto Watermelon marshmallows
13 oz All natural-pressed dates, no sugar or preservatives added
Khudri Dates
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خلطة هريسة يمنية  Red Kalta Harissa
100% Roasted Onion Powder, gives color and taste to broth
Ziyad Halal Marshmallows
Mint Flavoured Yogurt Drink 
Minced mallow leaves
Cream cheese spread from Denmark with Middle Eastern style Cream cheese spread from Denmark with Middle Eastern style Fresh cream from cow's milk Good Source...