About us

What  is MoveHalal? MoveHalal provides convenient shopping experience for halal meat and grocery from local stores and farms that you can trust. No halal stores in your area? You cannot find fresh Halal meat or grocery in your city? Call Text or order online for us to bring you what you need. 

English, please: We deliver & Ship Halal food, snacks, drinks, all the stuff - right to your door. 

How did MoveHalal start? We decided that it was time consuming and a hassle to go to multiple stores to buy different products. As we ran to complete weekly errands, we thought why not create an online store that will have everything-a one stop shop brought to your door step from trusted Farms and Halal Markets. 

This is too good to be true so please tell us again!? With MoveHalal you can get any item delivered right to your door really quick, at any hour of the day. Food, snacks, drinks, and more – when you order on our website (iOS,Android coming soon) your stuff is delivered straight from our locations to your door for a small fee or you can stop by and pick up skipping the lines and we prepare everything for you to your car.  (that’s right – no need to find parking or wait in lines) Straight to your hands. Skip the lines, save yourself some time, because MoveHalal has got your back.

 Our Mission Move Halal was initiated on the basis of giving back to the needy. We have partnered with Pure Hands Foundation so that for every $100 spent on our website, we will be buying food or medicine for a family in need in Yemen. We will then email you images and confirmation of the donation given. 

 For more info please Email MoveHalal@gmail.com