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Baraka Roasted And Salted Watermelon Seeds Net Wt. 12.3 
Bebeto Halal Marshmallows Bebeto Halal Marshmallows
$1.50 $2.00
Fat-free Bebeto pink and white halal marshmellows Bebeto Watermelon marshmallows
Abu Walad Triangle Cheese
high quality Harissa-هريسه
$7.99 $15.99
high-quality Harissa-هريسه جوده عاليه
Halal Mini Marshmallows
Comes with Caramel ToppingProduct from Amman, JordanA creamy, decadent, easy-to-prepare treat
These crisp and crunchy treats are the perfect way to get your Nutella fix on the go, so you better B-Ready for this taste experience!...
Now & Later Chewy Candy Strawberry Flavoured
2 for You Milk Chocolate Covered Wafers  Box for $5.99 or $.75 each    
Italy imported snack foods BALOCCO Belle honey biscuits 350 g
Sold Out
Sold Out
rock candy plain filberts, premium quality  -نبات حبه سفيد
Moshaback- مشبك
$5.99 $10.99
$5.99 $10.99
high-quality Moshaback- مشبك عالي الجوده
Halwa- حلوى ملكي
$7.99 $15.99
high quality Halwa- حلوى ملكي عالي الجوده
Khalta- خلطه
$7.99 $15.99
$7.99 $15.99
high quality Khalta- خلطه جوده عاليه
Madroob-  جوده عاليه حلاوه مضروب
high quality Madroob - حلاوه مضروب- بجوده عاليه
Share the delight with family and friends! Turkish Delight's sweet treats come in the following flavors: Rose, Pistachio, Hazelnut, Pomegranate & Pistachio, and Mixed Fruit...
Strawberry Flavored Halal Jello
Sponge Cake with Milk Filling in Chocolate Coating
Fruit Flavoured Jelly Drinks
Fruit Cookies Filled with Natural Apple& Cinnamon
Contains Sulfur Dioxide as a preservative to promote color retention, PACKED UNDER PROTECTIVE ATMOSPHERE
Butter Cookies in Tin