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Arabic Coffee - Cafe Najjar Coffee 450 grams

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Arabic Coffee - Cafe Najjar Coffee

Persian Basket offers Café Najjar Coffee with Cardamom in 450 grams package. Though similar to coffee in neighboring countries sometimes referred to as Turkish coffee, Lebanese coffee is slightly different in terms of beans, roasts, and grinds. Whereas other countries such as Syria use orange flower water or musk to ornate coffee cups with enriching flavors, some Lebanese add Cardamom to enjoy a special spicy taste. 100%
Pure Arabica Coffee Beans 450 grams

(Directions are for a single serving. Increase ingredients by the number of cups desired for additional servings.)
  • Pour one small cup of cold water into the coffee pot. Add a teaspoonful of the ground coffee and stir.
  • Heat the pot as slowly as you can. Make sure you watch it to prevent overflowing when the coffee boils.
  • When the coffee begins to rise up, remove the pot from heat until foaming recedes. Return the pot to heat and bring it back to a boil. Repeat this procedure three times. The goal is to get maximum coffee flavor without over boiling. There should be thick sediment on the bottom and a brown froth on the top.