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Kraft Cheddar Cheese جبنه شدر

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Kraft Prepared Pasteurized Cheddar Cheese, Pantry Staple Cheese Spread for Crackers, 2 sizes available pick from list 3.6oz or 6.7oz

  • Kraft Cheddar Cheese is a pasteurized prepared cheese product. Incredibly long shelf life while maintaining the quality of Kraft.
  • Versatile- Can be sliced for sandwiches, shredded to make quesadillas or casseroles, or cubed for cheese boards
  • The bold, sharp flavor of cheddar that your whole family will love. Use it to make mac and cheese for the kids or warm it to spread on pita chips or crackers.
  • Made with real cheese providing you with 20% of your daily value of calcium with 0 grams of carbs!
  • Shelf Stable- ideal for disaster preparedness, camping, boating, keeping in your vacation home, or donating to food drives.