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Smoked Turkey

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America’s kind of obsessed with bacon, but you can’t share in that obsession—not if we’re talking about the pork kind. That’s one reason that beef bacon— a tender cut taken from meat between the short ribs—exists. Beautifully marbled with fat and thicker than typical bacon, beef bacon’s salty flavor is hard to resist. With beef bacon, you get the downhome satisfaction of a long-cured brisket at just a fraction of the price.

It’s not just tasty; however, it’s versatile too! It can not only be crumbled over salads, but also sprinkled on donuts, fried up with some eggs, and wrapped around turkey breast, chicken, or meatloaf. But, why should you buy beef bacon from us and go through all the trouble of shipping it? It’s simple. We really take halal to heart. Our meat not only meets the bare minimum labeling requirements but takes it a step further by being both hand-slaughtered and non-stunned. This sets us apart from the other 90-percent of the halal meats on the market.

So, get the satisfaction of cured brisket at a fraction of the price and pick up one of the only truly halal bacon on the market.