Top 5 Halal Snacks

5 Most popular Halal snacks

What are Halal snacks? Halal snacks are snacks that are free from harmful chemicals, pork and its by-products, alcohol, and additives. Although halal snacks are mainly consumed by Muslims, it's for everybody. If you are looking for a way to snack healthy, and if you are someone who has specific animal by-product allergies, halal snacks are a great alternative. Or if you are just having trouble finding halal snacks not found in common retail stores. You're at the right place.

There's a lot of debate around whether snacks such as Oreos, Skittles, or even Doritos are halal. That is why we made a list of halal snacks that you can try and an easier way to access them.
#1 Abu Walad Sandwich Biscuits
Sweet Abu Walad Sandwich Biscuits & a cup of tea, name a better duo.
#2 Bebeto Marshmallows
Having trouble finding what to put on top of your hot chocolate, or just craving a soft sweet snack. Bebeto marshmallows will do the trick.
#3 Biskrem Duo - Cocoa Cream Biscuits
Can't decide between chocolate or vanilla, get the duo cookies
#4 HazerBaba Turkish Delight
Turkish delight halal sweets are powdered with sugar and perfect as a gift!
#5 Maamoul Date Filled Cookies
These famous date filled cookies are perfect for school, work, or general snack time.
  • Sally on

    Omg I’m hungry now because of this I’m definitely ordering my Ramadan snacks from here better wash ur hands everyone it’s Corona time. Love it, and I just reminded my brothers of these snacks. I regret it; they’re hungry now. Great thanks.

  • Assaal Albakri on

    You forgot the best snack of all time, tea and homemade fateera!!! Love most of these recommendations!

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